Roundup October 2018


Overcome Fragmentation

For a long time (since the beginning) we used IRC and later Gitter for our communication.

This was mainly because we are used to this tools and never kept in mind that these maybe not the “most user friendly” tools around anymore.

We also placed ourself into a corner, because it was hard for others to find or get in contact.

Because of this we decided to switch to Slack, we are still not huge fans, but this should make things hopefully a bit easier and less fragmented.

  • If you want “just” to hang out or you already in the Slack network of WriteTheDocs, join us in the testthedocs channel !
  • If you are interested in contributing and/or developing in any way, join us in the TestTheDocs network.

We will retire the IRC and Gitter rooms at the end of the year.


We started to think about giving our website a “make over”, we have still no idea what we want to do exactly.

The main reason is that we would like to have Website, which looks good, is “easy” to maintain and fits our needs and wishes.



Quay For Our Documentation Tests

We started to improve the whole repository and setup, this is still ongoing and will take some more weeks, if you would like to join the effort, let us know :)

  • Improve licenses
  • Improve docs
  • Unify Dockerfiles
  • Unify checks
  • New Website
  • More checks


Documentation Quality Assurance Framework

We released a first 0.0.1 (alpha) version.

If you have the time, check it out and tell us what we can improve and what you would like to see there.


We started to get back to work on our new documentation build tool.

Stay tuned for more updates !