Random News And Updates

New Docs, New Tests And Other Things


We are happy to announce that docs.testthedocs.org is back !

For the moment there is not much to see, we are starting slowly to add more and more content !


Also, we are looking for contributions !!!

We would like to see more content about testing, tools, tip and tricks, etc, etc !!!

Future Planning

We are playing with a new way of testing, building and deploying our docs.

To give some inside, as you may know we are working on a new test, build and deploy system for the documentation of Plone.

Plone is assembling its documentation out of different GitHub repositories.

This setup is quite familiar to the setup we use at TestTheDocs.

This makes our documentation the perfect test candidate :).

More info on that soon !

New test

We released ttd-ts a test for checking trailing spaces at the end of lines.

Here is a picture running this test against the Plone docs.

Picture of ttd-ts

New CI

We have now a own CI (Continuous Integration) server.

Currently we are experimenting with Drone.

Random Updates

We released updates of:

For the moment it may possible that some releases are slightly out of date and it may take a tiny bit till we catching up.

That has to do with the reason that we are busy ‘streamlining’ the ‘look and feel’ of the various docs, test messages, naming, etc, etc.

If you are in the urgent need, please tell us !